lunes, 30 de enero de 2006

Postcard Swap

Al final conseguí hacer las postales y enviarlas justo a tiempo. Me lo he pasado muy bien haciendo las postales. Ahora tengo muchas ganas de empezar a recibir las postales que me envien. ¡Me encanta recibir postales!
Y por supuesto, muchas gracias a My Little Mochi por organizar todo esto.

Bueno, aquí tenéis unas fotos de como han quedado las postales...

Finally I finished and sent all my postcards just in time. I have a lot of fun making them. Now I am wishing to get my postcards. I love getting postcards!
Thanks for organising all this postcard swap thing to My Little Mochi.

And now some photos of the finished postcards:

Postal swap - All

Postal swap - Front

Postal swap - Back

Postal swap - Front open

Postal swap - Back open

Postal swap - Illustration

5 comentarios:

autum dijo...

Hi! I received one of these post cards. You must have put so much work into them. I love the sounds of the world'd dogs and the fridge magnets were so cute and so thoughtful! Thank you very much!!!

Pink Rocket dijo...

Just stopped by to say THANK YOU for my postcard! I received it days ago but Blogger has been so funny lately that I couldn't access your site. You are so talented! I saw the envelope and was like "whoa, this is going to be good!". I was so excited to open it!! Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Design Diva dijo...

Thanks for the cool-a-matic postcard--what a great design concept...I even liked the postage stamp too! Thanks heaps! :-)


Niña Urbanita dijo...

Hola!!! Soy yo, la Niña Urbanita... he encontrado tu blog! Ante todo muchas felicidades por tus creaciones y por el éxito de las postales entre los que las han recibido.

Nos vemos este finde!

Anónimo dijo...

Hey there,
Sorry this is so late, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for a terrific postcard! Unfortuanately like you, I didn't get a full set of ten! What's up with that???

You did a great job!
guau guau!