miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2006

Postcard swap - 3 postales más

He recibido 3 postales más (bueno, de hecho las recibia hace unos dias, pero no he tenido tiempo de ponerlas hasta ahora). ¡Me gustan mucho!
La lástima es que me temo que ya no voy a recibir más... Al final solo he recibido 7 :(
I have received 3 more postcards (in fact I received them a few days ago, but I hadn't time to post them until now). I like them very much!
But I am afraid that I am not going to receive more... I just received 7 :(

Postcard swap - ¡Más postales!

A: myownlilspace.blogspot.com
B: www.unravelings.net
C: www.pygletwhispers.blogspot.com

2 comentarios:

pyglet dijo...

I am so glad you got it. I can't believe it took so long!!

eleleo dijo...

Well, it is true that it took very long to arrive, but I have to say that I have been out of town and I didn't check the mail for two weeks. But when I came back I was very happy to see your postcard. It is one of my favourites!