domingo, 16 de abril de 2006

Whipup whiplash competition


This is my entry for the whipup whiplash competition. I hope you like it!

Sharpy, my handbag security guard

Recently I hired a new security guard for my handbag.
Sharpy working (II)

He works very hard...
Sharpy working (I)

And if you try to steal my hanbdbag you will know his darkest side
Sharpy bite

He is my hero! If you want to see more sharpy's phots, here and here.

UPDATE: Sharpy was selected one of the viewers pics. Thank you!

4 comentarios:

Elisabeth Augusta dijo...

So cute, but far from harmless ;-)

Funky Finds dijo...

Love this guy! And the pic with him biting your finger. Too funny!

creative kismet dijo...

This is so wonderfully creative and funny too! A wonderful wonderful submission!!

eleleo dijo...

Thanjs for your comments.

Well, Sharpy is doing a great job but yesterday I discovered something: he is vegetarian. So, if someone gets bite by Sharpy, he will not became a vampire, but maybe he will turn to the vegetarian way of life...